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Сделал депозит на сумму 200 PLN, сделал 2 ставки на матчи АПЛ, захожу вечером на свой аккаунт а мне пишет «Login request cannot be processed. Please contact Customer Support.», связываюсь с тех поддержкой, а мне пишут что я нарушил правила, а именно: «Hi Oleksandr, Thank you for contacting our customer support. Kindly know that your account is permanently closed and will not be reopened. This being said, we refer you to our Terms and Conditions below; - 7.12 You will not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to your (or third party) use of the Site. You shall not use any software assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices in aid of your participation of the Games on the Site. - 8.12 If we suspect that you are involved in illegal or fraudulent activities relating to your use of the Site (or a third parties use of the Site) or are in trouble with creditors or are involved in any other behaviour detrimental to the Site, we may freeze or close Your Account and /or cancel stakes. 20.2 We also have the right to freeze or terminate Your Account or cancel any stakes if: We suspect that you are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities; You are having problems with creditors or otherwise which are detrimental to our business. 24.1 The Rules are the entire agreement between us with respect to this Site and, except in the case of fraud, overrule all prior communication and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between us. This was a business decision and we are not at liberty to disclose further details of this. We apologise if this was not the answer you were hoping for and we thank you for your understanding with the above. May we wish you a pleasant rest of your day. Best regards, Maya Betsafe Customer Service.» Ни в каких организациях не состою, ни одного кредита в жизни не брал, никакие программы не использовал, аккаунт зарегистрировал утром 11.08, и вечером 11.08 он уже был заблокирован! Позднее получил сообщение о том что они не возвратят мне деньги, а именно: «Hi Oleksandr, Thank you for your email. I have looked into everything for you . And due to a breach in our terms and conditions, your winnings have been with held and will not be returned. This has been taken in line with the rules 7.12, 8.12, 20.2 and 24.1 in our Terms and Conditions. They are available to read on our site and have been accepted by you when you register your account. Should there be anything else we may assist you with, do return to us by Email, Live Chat or phone and we are happy to assist. May I wish you a great rest of your day! Best regards, Rose Betsafe Customer Service.» Я не нуждаюсь в выигранных деньгах, так как их даже не было, там по ставке был возврат! Мне нужны мои деньги которые я вкинул в ДЕПОЗИТ! Пожалуйста, помогите мне с этой ситуацией.

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