Конфискация баланса в БК PlanetOfBets — 14 Мая 2017

Орфография и пунктуация автора жалобы сохранены.

Hello they asked me to send them documents for verification of my account. i sent them my passport and after it they asked that i have any other acounts so they will not give my money. I will sent you all our conversation.

you can find my passport in attached file, what kind of document of my adress you correctly want?

During our investigation we found out that it is not your first and only account. We specifically asked you not to open new accounts previously. As you didn’t follow our warning, all your bets have been voided. You can withdraw your initial deposit.

Please keep in mind next time your account will be closed and all funds available will be seized. Please do not open more accounts.

Best Regards,
Security Department,
I have opened my account in 10 of April and till now nobody does not warn me anything,
this is my first and only account.
when I lose my bets you do nothing but when I won my bets you do not want give me my money, I think it is a fraud;
you must give me my money otherwise you are juggler.
Please give back my money your actions are illegal


As I told you we have found out that it is not your first account. No need to deny it or accept.

Decision we made is final and not open for review.

your action is illegal and your observations are wrong and don’t correspond to reality.
You unreasonably do not give my winnings . I will express my disappointment and
will make a complaint to the regulatory organizations and those organizations who give you the license.
I will write bad comments about you as much as possible in social sites in order everybody knows that
you are cheaters, frauds and liars and you won’t be able to cheat anybody else like me.

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