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Блокировка счета — 900 USD Betcity — 3 Января 2019

Орфография и пунктуация автора жалобы сохранены.

my betcity account closed 29.12.2018
i recieved that
Your Account №11294210 has been disabled under subclause 3 of Item 13 of the General provisions of the Rules.
Administration of betting company reserves right to block the opportunity of client’s account to place bets, cancel all bets or address to law enforcement bodies if the following cases are found out:
13.3 Bets were made by a group of registered clients on the base of previous concert – in a coherent manner to avoid restrictions that were previously set by the betting company.
i dont use bonus,i dont have multi account.
i send my id card,my international passport,my face,my payment screenshot on 30 december.same day they send a link and i uploaded my int.passport and they gave answer they took my documents and wait verification after that they always same answer :. Your account verification is in progress.
i wrote something on internet like me.they waited 2 months.is it correct?what can i do ?

my betcity id No.11294210

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